Reward points

Do reward points ever expire?

No, your reward points do not have an expiry date.

I am missing some points I have earned. When will I get them?

First you should double-check your points statement. Sometimes a transaction on your points statement appears with a different description to what you were expecting, or it is shown with a different date.

Please also keep in mind that it can take some time for points to be credited:

Earned from Points credited Notes
Surveys Within 2 months Why does it take so long?
Referrals As soon as the person you referred earns 400 points.
Quick Survey Immediately  
Instant Win Immediately  

If, after waiting the specified length of time, you have not received your points and you are sure you are entitled to them, please contact MyOpinions.

Can I transfer my points to someone else's account?

No, this is not allowed under any circumstances.